Calling All Members!

The end of the the guild year is fast approaching, which means it is election time!

Chapter Presidents will be voted on in your June chapter meetings. Our chapters only exist with willing participants and volunteers! Please consider donating your time to the guild to keep your chapter alive and thriving :)

Voting for executive officers will take place in your July chapter meetings. Positions and current nominees are listed below:

Guild President: Nomination needed!
Guild Secretary: Jenny Q.
Guild Treasurer: Charlotte T.

The guild president is responsible for setting the  date, agenda and presiding over Guild’s mandatory quarterly meetings (this will also include reviewing Secretary’s minutes prior to posting on Guild website). Sign contracts on behalf of Guild and sign checks or approvals for Treasurer as necessary. Coordinate and host upcoming year planning meeting for all chairs, committees and Chapters to network and synchronize calendar, communication deadlines for the new year. Assist in keeping archives of documents, contacts and inventory for Guild (currently using OneNote, available to all Executive and Chapter Board members). Executive President will also want to conscientiously respond to Guild g-mail and phone communication to assist in the wide variety of suggestions, troubleshooting, planning, concerns and praises regularly received.  If you or anyone you know is interested in being nominated for Guild President please let your current chapter president know or send an email to 

The 2017-2018 Executive Board will appoint committee chair positions in August. Positions to be appointed include:

Guild Membership: nomination needed
Guild Website: Sarah M. (committee members welcome)
Guild Constant Contact: nomination needed
Guild Workshops: nomination needed
Guild Community Service (Charity): nomination needed
Guild Retreat: Ann C.
If you are interested in donating your time to any of these positions, or for more information on what will be required of you, please talk with your chapter president or send an email to the current committee chair position you’d like to know more about.