CHIX Meeting – Dropped stitches

Drop it like it’s hot…

We will be dropping stitches in our knitting and crochet. Come and join us to learn how and why.
  • Sport or worsted yarn
  • Size 8 knitting needle
  • Size 15 knitting needle
  • 5mm crochet hook
  • Normal supplies
If you have any dropped stitch items, bring for show and share. I will have samples.

CHIX Meeting – Future of CHIX

This month, we will sit, knit, crochet, and discuss the future of Chix. We have only one month, this August meeting, to elect a President for our chapter or we will no longer be supported by KANG. Please, please, please think about it. See you at the next meeting.

CHIX Meeting

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in July.  Lots of things are going on!

  • It’s time to renew your membership
  • Election of KANG officers and CHIX officers
  • Discussion of programs for the coming year
  • There will be several drawings of Amazon gift cards to finish out our financial year.  Must be present to win!

If anyone missed the introduction of embroidery on your knitting or crochet items, bring your swatches and supplies and we will address it at the meeting.

CHIX Meeting – Embroider your knitting

Please come and join us in learning how to embroider as you knit. Bring DK yarn and needles to match.

We will also be discussing final preparations for using the remainder of our budget. Come and be heard.

CHIX Meeting – Embellish your Knitting with Embroidery

May’s program is “Learn to Embellish your Knitting with Embroidery.”  Using smooth, worsted yarn in 2 colors that are very close in color, please bring the following swatch: 
Using longtail cast on, CO 26 stitches with color A.
ROW 1.  Color B  WS  K3 P20 K3
ROW 2.                  RS  K26
ROW 3.  Color A  WS  K3 P20 K3
ROW 4.                  RS  K26
Repeat Rows 1 – 4 for 50 rows. BO loosely and block if necessary.
Optional: Crochet swatch in SC stripes like the knitting swatch.
Supplies: Blunt tip tapestry needle. Scrap smooth worsted or dk yarn, normal knitting supplies

CHIX Meeting – Joining in the round

Sue Werner will present our program for April.  If you are interested in trying some alternate methods for joining circular knitting, please join us.  There will be samples of the various methods available; if you wish to try them, you will need a small amount of worsted weight yarn and your favorite needles.  Also, feel free to share any tips you might have for knitting in the round.

CHIX Meeting – Finger Knitting

The Chix with Stix January program will be on finger knitting.  This is a fun way to  knit, it goes quickly, and no needles are needed!  Bring a friend to learn this easy technique and get them started knitting.  There’s no advance preparation.  Just bring worsted weight yarn in 2-3 complementary colors, scissors, and a measuring tape.

CHIX Meeting – Holiday Party

Chix would like to invite you to their holiday meeting.  Bring a dish to share.  We will again be donating toiletries to the Star of Hope.  Everyone is always welcome.

CHIX Meeting – Holiday Shawl Pins

Just in time for Christmas/Holiday giving, let’s make shawl pins that can be made easily for any knitted or crocheted items.  Please bring scissors for cutting paper and thin wire, and your normal knitting and crochet supplies.  All other supplies will be provided.


And bring last month’s project so we can finish turning circles into squares.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.  We will be finalizing plans for our Christmas/Holiday gathering.