KNOW Meeting – Linen Stitch

Knitter’s Night Out West meets from 6:30 pm – 8:30pm on the last Monday of each month (except in May and December) at Spring Creek Barbeque, 21000 Katy Freeway, I-10 at Westgreen Blvd in Katy.  Many of our members arrive early to have dinner and socialize before the meeting.  Everyone is welcome!

For our March meeting Amelia Speck will give KNOW attendees an overview of the linen stitch and its cousin, the half-linen stitch.  These versatile stitches are lovely in solid yarns but can be magical when used with multi-colored yarns.  The resulting fabric looks and acts woven.  Please bring a selection of yarns: one multi and two complementary solids and needles to try it out for yourself!

Also, I would like KNOW members to think about the upcoming WorldWide Knit in Public Day, Saturday, June 13, 2020.  This event was mention at the last Executive Board Meeting and I would like to get a feel for how KNOW members view this event.  It may be that the KANG will organize something Guild wide but if not, I think it would be great if KNOW could do something.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts either at our upcoming meeting or by email.

KNOW Meeting – Sequence Knitting

Jan Clark will introduce us to Sequence Knitting — repeating a given sequence of knit and purl stitches to create patterns and textures that are often reversible.  Jan will cover the three types of sequences:

  • one-row, in which the sequence length is divisible by the total number of stitches in your row
  • serpentine, in which the sequence length is not an even multiple and has to be completed in the next row
  • spiral, in which the sequence is worked in the round.

Bring Worsted or DK yarn and appropriate size needles and join us!

KNOW Meeting – Sweater types

Join us at our January meeting where Roxanne Rump will lead an interactive discussion on some common sweater types, focusing on design considerations as well as pros and cons of each type of construction.  Examples and patterns will be available to demonstrate the concepts discussed.

KNOW Meeting

Knitter’s Night Out West normally meets from 6:30 pm – 8:30pm on the last Monday of each month except for May and December.  This month is one of those exceptions.

We will still be meeting at Spring Creek Barbeque, 21000 Katy Freeway, I-10 at Westgreen Blvd in Katy but please take note of the date – December 9th. 

Many of our members arrive early to have dinner before the meeting.  Everyone is welcome!

This month we will be celebrating the holidays and sharing our love of fiber crafts but there will be no formal program.

KNOW Meeting – Spinning

For our October program Penny Nelson and Peggy Barnette of Sky Loom Weavers will be taking us for a spin!  Penny and Peggy will present a program on spinning, that magical process that creates yarn from fiber.  They will cover the history of spinning and demonstrate some special techniques; you will even get a chance to spin if you wish!  They will bring a selection of wheels and spindles, an array of different fiber preparations, and a sampling of their luscious handspun for show and sale.  Whether you are an experienced spinner or just curious about how yarn is made, come join us for this fun event!

If you still have any preemie hats to turn in from our August charity effort, please bring them along to the meeting and we will be sure they are delivered to Texas Children’s Hospital.

KNOW Meeting – Needle Tasting!

Knitter’s Night Out West (KNOW) meets from 6:30-8:30pm on the last Monday of each month (except in May and December) at Spring Creek Barbeque, 21000 Katy Freeway, I-10 at Westgreen Blvd in Katy.  Many of our members arrive early to have dinner and socialize before the meeting.  Everyone is welcome!

Join us in September for a Needle tasting!  Tools can make a difference in the quality, enjoyment and speed of our knitting.  However, they can be pricey, especially if purchased in a set.  Our Program Chair, Gloria Chuckman, will be leading us in trying out a variety of needles, from trendy tips to bent shorties.

KNOW Meeting – Fades

Fade Away in August!  Fades are still a fun trend in the knitting world.  Join us at our August meeting where we’ll discuss several ways to transition between different colors or values in your knitting.  To sample one or more fade methods, bring yarn in at least 2 colors that are close to each other in value or hue, and bring 1 color that contrasts, along with the appropriate needles and the usual knitting tools.  And bring any projects with a fade to share!

KNOW Meeting – Preemie Hats

On Monday, July 29, we at KNOW are hosting a benefit for the NICU at Texas Children’s Hospital in Katy.  We will be knitting and crocheting preemie hats, so bring your soft, brightly-colored yarn scraps and appropriate needles.  Leftover, superwash sock yarn is perfect for these tiny hats.  The NICU is also accepting baby blankets for those of you who are so inclined.

We will be providing patterns for both knitted and crocheted versions of preemie hats.  These patterns are written in the round using fingering/sport-weight yarn and size 4 needles/size 7 hooks.  You are also welcome to bring your favorite patterns, bearing in mind that your hats should fit anywhere from a  lemon to an orange.

Please join us so that we can have a robust response to the needs of the babies at Texas Children’s.  See you there!

KNOW Meeting –

We all love the time we spend together showing off our finished projects. So, we are going to have a little fun with Show & Share during our “Summer Show & Share Sheepstakes.” Everything you complete that was begun no earlier than May 20 (the date of our last meeting) and that contains at least 150 yards of fiber will be eligible to win a prize. We will be awarding prizes to recognize the largest item made (based on yardage); the most items completed; and finally, the most unusual item. So get knitting! And please bring your all your finished projects, not just those that fit the contest criteria, to Show & Share on June 24.

In addition, we will be voting to fill several Executive Board positions, along with the positions of KNOW president, KNOW Membership Coordinator, and KNOW Program Coordinator(s). Voting is open to KNOW members only. Please plan to attend and participate in the nomination and voting process.

Finally, every KNOW member will receive a special gift to commemorate our 2018-2019 year. Be sure to come to the meeting to claim yours!

KNOW Meeting – Shawl Shapes Primer

PLEASE NOTE:  Our May meeting is being held a week early in order not to conflict with Memorial Day.


At our meeting on May 20, Roxanne Rump will present her “Shawl Shapes Primer,” where she will describe in detail the different shapes of shawls, the features of each, and how to go about knitting them. Roxanne, the head of the KNOT chapter and a skilled knitter, has developed a very informative and helpful handout that will be provided at the meeting. Please plan to attend and learn everything you need to know in order to choose and create the perfect shawl for yourself or your loved ones.