SoCK Mtg – Spinning on Spindles & Wheels

Spinning on Spindles & Wheels.  Now that you’ve learned all about wool, learn to spin it!  Jessica Myers and Cadence Myers will teach you how to spin on a spindle and on a spinning wheel. If you have a spindle or wheel, feel free to bring it.

CHIX Mtg – Park Avenue Yarn

As knitters in the Greater Houston area, we are fortunate to have several very nice yarn shops, but we all have seen a number of our favorite shops go out of business for a variety of reasons. We probably all do some of our yarn shopping online, but most knitters and crocheters want to touch and feel the yarn, want to see the actual colors of the yarn, want their purchases immediately, or want to visit a shop where you might have the companionship of other knitters. These are only some of the reasons we value our local yarn shops and want to keep them successful here in the Houston area. At the February 9th meeting of Chix with Sticks we will have Michelle McHazlett, the owner of Park Avenue Yarns in League City, talk about her experiences as a local yarn shop owner. She will also be interested in your experiences as a yarn shopper. Please be thinking about your connections to a local yarn shop and bring your questions and comments for Michelle.

KNOW Meeting – Cookie Cutter Washcloths

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with KNOW as we learn to knit “Cookie Cutter Washcloths For Every Occasion.”  Have you ever knit a cotton washcloth?  They make beautiful gifts for friends and loved ones. Sybil Koempel will present our program, where we will be using cookie cutters to create lovely motifs we can add to our hand-knit washcloths.  Bring to the meeting a skein of worsted-weight cotton yarn, your choice of needle, and a three-inch cookie cutter, and get ready to knit a one-of-a-kind washcloth to keep for yourself or give away. 

KNOT Meeting – Avery Cowl KAL

We will be starting a knitalong in March. Last month we chose the pattern, a cowl called Avery designed by Kate Gagnon Osborn. This pattern is free on Ravelry and requires only one skein of a DK weight yarn. A sample of Avery will be available for you to see at the meeting in case you didn’t see it in January. 

KNIT Meeting – Take a break!

Everyone needs a break! Join us Tuesday, March 13 during Spring Break Week. There is no program in March and we will use this time to knit and socialize. What were your best Spring Break getaways and where would you like to go next? Bring your stories and memories, and share them with the group.

SoCK Mtg – Get the wool truth! (Part 3)

Get the wool truth! SoCK will gather for the final program in our series dedicated to understanding different fiber types and the best use for each type of wool. Knit while you watch and jot down things you’ve learned for future reference! If you haven’t joined us for the first two programs, don’t fret! You’re still welcome to attend and join us for this final session.

CHIX Mtg – Knit One Below

If you like brioche stitch, the knit-one-below stitch (K1B) achieves a similar effect but involves no yarn overs,  burps or barks.   All you need to know is how to knit and purl.   You can create a dense brioche-like texture with a single color or columns of 2-colors in stockinette. 
For the first sample, you will need a worsted or bulky yarn and a set of needles size 8 or above (either straight or circular needles).  Cast on 13 stitches and knit 2 rows of garter stitch then a row of K1P1 ribbing.  You will begin and end with a knit stitch. Leave the knitting on your needle.
For the second sample you must have either a circular needle or double points because you will slide your work  and work a second row before turning the needle.  The pattern will be worked in four rows: 2 on the RS then 2 on the WS.  You should bring 2 contrasting colors of yarn.
With color A, cast on 13 stitches loosely, preferably using a long tail cast on.  Without turning the needle, slide the stitches to the other end of the needle, join color B at the beginning of the cast on stitches and purl across the row.  Both A and B yarns will now be at the same end of the needle.