KNIT Meeting – Take a break!

Everyone needs a break! Join us Tuesday, March 13 during Spring Break Week. There is no program in March and we will use this time to knit and socialize. What were your best Spring Break getaways and where would you like to go next? Bring your stories and memories, and share them with the group.

KNIT Mtg – Making Ravelry Work for You! is a popular social media site connecting fiber enthusiasts from all over the world, with access to patterns, message boards, organizational systems and more! Join Brandy Graesser of the SoCK chapter for an overview of Ravelry’s features, with tips and tricks to get the most out of this great website. Please bring a web enabled computer, tablet, or smart phone so that you can follow along. If you are not already registered for a Ravelry account please consider doing so before the start of the program. There will be a Q&A so please come with questions, as well as your favorite uses for Ravelry, so that we can all learn something new!

KNOW Mtg – Tips and Tricks For a Better Cabling Experience

This month’s KNOW meeting promises to be an invaluable learning opportunity. Who doesn’t love the look of perfect cables?  Longtime KNOW member and knitting expert Cathy Drake will demonstrate how to achieve them when she presents her program, “Tips and Tricks For a Better Cabling Experience.”  Plan to join us as we learn about basic cable construction, different types of cables, how to avoid cable flare and other common pitfalls, and more. 
We will also be collecting all completed Snuggle blankets.  In addition, there will be a drawing for a beautiful Grand Prize.  The more Snuggles you make, the more chances you have to win!  Note:  To be eligible to win, participants must be members of KANG, as well as be present at the time of the drawing. 

Executive Board Meeting

The next Executive Board Meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Tuesday, August 21 at the Trini Mendenhall Sosa Community Center,1414 Wirt Rd., Houston.  

SoCK Mtg – Spinning on Spindles & Wheels

Spinning on Spindles & Wheels.  Now that you’ve learned all about wool, learn to spin it!  Jessica Myers and Cadence Myers will teach you how to spin on a spindle and on a spinning wheel. If you have a spindle or wheel, feel free to bring it.

SoCK Mtg – Get the wool truth! (Part 3)

Get the wool truth! SoCK will gather for the final program in our series dedicated to understanding different fiber types and the best use for each type of wool. Knit while you watch and jot down things you’ve learned for future reference! If you haven’t joined us for the first two programs, don’t fret! You’re still welcome to attend and join us for this final session.

CHIX Mtg – Knit One Below

If you like brioche stitch, the knit-one-below stitch (K1B) achieves a similar effect but involves no yarn overs,  burps or barks.   All you need to know is how to knit and purl.   You can create a dense brioche-like texture with a single color or columns of 2-colors in stockinette. 
For the first sample, you will need a worsted or bulky yarn and a set of needles size 8 or above (either straight or circular needles).  Cast on 13 stitches and knit 2 rows of garter stitch then a row of K1P1 ribbing.  You will begin and end with a knit stitch. Leave the knitting on your needle.
For the second sample you must have either a circular needle or double points because you will slide your work  and work a second row before turning the needle.  The pattern will be worked in four rows: 2 on the RS then 2 on the WS.  You should bring 2 contrasting colors of yarn.
With color A, cast on 13 stitches loosely, preferably using a long tail cast on.  Without turning the needle, slide the stitches to the other end of the needle, join color B at the beginning of the cast on stitches and purl across the row.  Both A and B yarns will now be at the same end of the needle.  

SoCK Mtg – Get the wool truth! (Part 2)

Get the wool truth! SoCK will gather for the second (of three) Craftsy class viewing that will help you get a nuanced understanding of different fiber types and the best use for each type of wool. Knit while you watch and jot down things you’ve learned for future reference!If you didn’t join us for the first two viewings, don’t fret! You’re still welcome to attend and pick up where we are in the series!

CHIX Mtg – One-Skein Projects

Due to a scheduling conflict, our February meeting has been changed to the One-Skein Project we talked about at the December party.  In case you missed the last couple meetings, here are the details.

Either knit a small project using a single skein of yarn or look through the projects you already have finished and pick one you don’t mind getting  rid of!  Bring it to the February meeting where we will auction them off to each other – no real money here, just “Paula Bucks”, the fake bucks that Paula has been handing out at each meeting.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any bucks – some people who only have a few (like me!) will likely give theirs away to others.

The auctioned items will also be anonymous.  Come to the meeting even if you don’t have anything to auction – you may get some ideas for future projects!