KIK Meeting – Preparing for the next year

We will be discussing a new position available and rewarding members and officers for the 2017-2018 year as well as preparing for the new 2018-2019 KIK agenda.  Refreshments will be provided.  

KNOW Meeting – Christmas in July

Please plan to join in the festivities at KNOW on July 30 at our “Christmas in July” knit-in.  We will be knitting and crocheting seasonal decorations and tree ornaments as we get a head start on the Holidays!  Bring your favorite homemade decoration to share.  We will have patterns and plenty of Knit Picks worsted-weight yarn available, in addition to a supply of beads, sequins, ribbon, stuffing, and other trimmings you may use to decorate your finished project.  Just bring assorted knitting needles (sizes 5-8), a crochet hook (size F), and your bag of notions. Holiday goodies will be served, so save room for dessert!  

We will also be voting on Chapter Officers to fill positions for the coming year, so come prepared to participate in the voting process.  In addition, we will be collecting dues.  You may pay your annual membership fee at the meeting by cash or check ($25.00).  
Many of our members arrive at the restaurant early to have dinner.  We encourage this custom, as Spring Creek Barbecue has never charged us for the use of their conference room, and we appreciate it!  Everyone is welcome.  We look forward to seeing you there!

KNOT Meeting – Double Hooking


Knitters North of Town will meet from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm on July 21 at Immanuel United Church of Christ, 26501 Border Street, Spring.

Bryne Scheinman-Miller will demonstrate Double Hooking, a type of crochet done using a special tool with a hook on each end.  We’ll be having our annual Pic-Knit.  The chapter will provide fried chicken and drinks; members are asked to bring a picnic-type side dish to share. 


SoCK Meeting – Post Fiber Fest Show & Share

Post Houston Fiber Fest Giant Show & Share and One Skein Pattern Exchange
We all bought stuff at Houston Fiber Fest and we want to show it off (and we all want to see what you bought).  Bring your goodies for a giant show & share.   This will then be followed by a one skein pattern exchange, because we have that one skein of fabulous yarn we had to have and now have no idea what to do with it.  So bring your favorite one skein patterns (all sizes of yarn are welcome) to discuss and share.

CHIX meeting – Lunch and knitting time

The Peace Pals project formerly scheduled for July has been postponed due to vacations.  Instead, we will have a lunch catered by Jason’s Deli followed by time to visit and knit.  This would be a good time to work on the rectangle for the Peace Pals dolls which will be finished and stuffed in a later meeting.  The link for the patterns are here:

Pocket Peace Pal
Pocket Peace Pal with Skirt

KNOT Meeting – Knit Your Socks on Straight

Sue Werner will describe two methods for knitting socks on straight needles with samples and instructions for socks based on the book Knit Your Socks on Straight by Alice Curtis.  There is no homework required for this program.    

KNOW Meeting – Sky Loom Weavers

You won’t want to miss this month’s KNOW meeting! On June 25, Penny Nelson and Peggy Barnette of Sky Loom Weavers will talk to us about, “Weaving Concepts for the Hand Weaver.” They will discuss the history of weaving and the basics of how it’s done, as well as the breadth of possibilities open to the hand weaver. Several small table looms will be warped up and ready to weave so everyone can try their hand at it. In addition to hand-woven items such as shawls, scarves, and kitchen towels, there will be Cricket looms and accessories for sale. Please join us for what promises to be a fun and interesting program.

In addition to our program, we will be voting for candidates nominated to fill the 2018-2019 KANG Executive Board officer positions.  At the Chapter level, we hope to nominate a volunteer to coordinate our Charity efforts.  Please plan to attend and enjoy an interesting and informative program, as well as be prepared to participate in the voting process. 

KIK Meeting – Head Start Hats

We will be working on Head Start Hats using this pattern.  For every completed hat you bring, you will get an entry for a door prize.  AND for every hat you complete during the meeting, you will get an entry for a door prize.  In addition to the Head Start Hats, any charity items completed before the end of the meeting will also qualify for a door prize.    

KNIT Meeting – Cables

This month’s KNIT meeting promises to be an invaluable learning opportunity.  Who doesn’t love the look of perfect cables?  Longtime KNOW member and knitting expert Cathy Drake will demonstrate how to achieve them when she presents her program, “Tips and Tricks for a Better Cabling Experience.”  Plan to join us as we learn about basic cable construction, different types of cables, how to avoid cable flare and other common pitfalls, and more.

SoCK Meeting – Joining Yarn

Description:Most of us have a favorite way to join yarns when adding a new ball of yarn or changing colors in a project.  The program on joining yarns will present five methods of joining yarn: overlapping yarn; felted splice; double knot; Russian join; invisible braided join.  You will learn some advantages and disadvantages of each method and types of yarn required.  


Please bring 10 lengths of yarn, each about 8 inches long.  At least two pairs should be plied, worsted weight, wool yarn. Other pairs may be synthetic plant or animal fibers. A sharp tapestry needle.

Additional Materials: On the KANG website under “members” you will find a drop-down menu that includes Handouts for each chapter. Please copy the first page of the handout on joining. The second page on the Clasp and Weft join in B & W is not very clean. People who would like to try that method using in weaving can download it for themselves from the website.