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CHIX Meeting – Embellish your Knitting with Embroidery

May’s program is “Learn to Embellish your Knitting with Embroidery.”  Using smooth, worsted yarn in 2 colors that are very close in color, please bring the following swatch: 
Using longtail cast on, CO 26 stitches with color A.
ROW 1.  Color B  WS  K3 P20 K3
ROW 2.                  RS  K26
ROW 3.  Color A  WS  K3 P20 K3
ROW 4.                  RS  K26
Repeat Rows 1 – 4 for 50 rows. BO loosely and block if necessary.
Optional: Crochet swatch in SC stripes like the knitting swatch.
Supplies: Blunt tip tapestry needle. Scrap smooth worsted or dk yarn, normal knitting supplies

KNOW Meeting – Sock Fundamentals

At our meeting on Monday, November 26, 2018, longtime KNOW member and sock-knitting expert Lynn Hensley will present her program on “Sock Fundamentals.” Lynn will explain in detail basic sock construction and architecture, discuss the most popular heel and toe options, describe how and what to measure for a perfect fit, as well as talk about needle choices and appropriate yarns to use. This program is aimed toward knitters of all skill levels, so please join us.

Our KNOW Annual Holiday Party is scheduled for December 10, 2018, at Spring Creek Barbecue.  If you’d like to participate in the (optional) gift exchange, please bring with you a wrapped, unlabeled knitting notion (or notions) worth approximately $15.  For additional exciting details about the Holiday Party, watch your inbox!  

Note: This is the last meeting at which cold-weather charitable contributions will be collected.

KNIT Meeting – 2-Color Brioche

For our November meeting, Elizabeth Spies will continue her Brioche program.  Last month we covered one color brioche.  This month we will jump into two-color brioche.  Elizabeth recommends you bring two yarns with high color contrast, and double pointed or circular needles a few sizes smaller than normal for your weight yarn.  I love brioche and I hope you will fall in love too – come to our meeting and learn to love brioche!

CHIX Meeting – Holiday Shawl Pins

Just in time for Christmas/Holiday giving, let’s make shawl pins that can be made easily for any knitted or crocheted items.  Please bring scissors for cutting paper and thin wire, and your normal knitting and crochet supplies.  All other supplies will be provided.


And bring last month’s project so we can finish turning circles into squares.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.  We will be finalizing plans for our Christmas/Holiday gathering.

KIK Meeting – Problem Solving

The October program consists of small groups and problem solving.

  • How to fix mistakes in a pattern
  • How to fix dropped stitches
  • How to keep your rows straight when crocheting


KNIT Meeting – Brioche, part 1

We are so excited to begin our two month journey into Brioche knitting with Elizabeth Spies.  Elizabeth will take us through one color brioche at the October meeting and two color brioche at the November meeting.  Join us and get your brioche on!!

KNIT Meeting – Tunisian Crochet

Charles Clark will be introducing us to Tunisian Crochet!!! If time allows, we will begin our Christmas Tree Garland, so bring your yarn and appropriate needles. Christmas in July!!

CHIX Mtg – One-Skein Projects

Due to a scheduling conflict, our February meeting has been changed to the One-Skein Project we talked about at the December party.  In case you missed the last couple meetings, here are the details.

Either knit a small project using a single skein of yarn or look through the projects you already have finished and pick one you don’t mind getting  rid of!  Bring it to the February meeting where we will auction them off to each other – no real money here, just “Paula Bucks”, the fake bucks that Paula has been handing out at each meeting.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any bucks – some people who only have a few (like me!) will likely give theirs away to others.

The auctioned items will also be anonymous.  Come to the meeting even if you don’t have anything to auction – you may get some ideas for future projects!

KIK Mtg – Sock KAL

For January’s program, we will have a Sock knit along. We will be learning a two-at-a-time on two needles technique.