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Charity Knitting – Nov 2023 Update

From your Charity Coordinators, shout out to those who were able to join us for our first fall charity knit-in event on October 22nd! We had a dozen KANG members gathered and a couple bins of charity yarn sifted through for more projects. We dropped off 60 of the 7×9 rectangles to the Warm-Up America offices! THANK YOU to all who were present and/or donated to this cause!


Introducing you to our next charity knit along: fidget sleeves! This one is more creative than the blocks for Warm Up America (please feel free to keep knitting/crocheting those blocks and we’ll collect at the next charity event), so get those creative juices flowing!

The pattern is a free Ravelry download (

This fidget sleeve is for those with dementia as they like fiddling with their hands. It uses small quantities of different colors of worsted or aran-weight yarn. You can embroider French knots, and add beads, buttons, ribbons or pom-poms. Feel free to use your imagination!

The charity we are going to bless with these sleeves is LBJ Hospital Alzheimer’s and Geriatric Care. The date and time are still to be determined, but we are looking at January for the event.

Deanne & Julie

Questions: email us

Charity Knitting – Oct 2023 Update

Hello charity crafters!

The Knit at Night Guild is pleased to announce the next charity knitting/crochet event to be held on Sunday, October 22nd from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at Windwood Presbyterian Church. It is located at 10555 Spring Cypress, just east of Highway 249.

For this gathering we are focusing on Warm Up America!, making 7” x 9” blanket sections made in worsted acrylic yarn. The charity expressed the need for blankets, and they have joiners who will put together the knitted and crocheted sections we provide.

There are links to some patterns for the blanket sections listed on the guild website as well as the charity site below. As long as the sections are the appropriate size and made with same type of yarn, some variation in the patterns is allowed.

To find out more about the charity, please click on the link below:

We thought it would be nice to have everyone bring a snack to share. Finger foods are the best as you can snack and knit at the same time. It’s always fun when you add food to an event!

Please bring any completed blanket sections with you to the upcoming event so we can get these to Warm Up America!

For those interested, you can reach out to Julie Weaver before October 22nd for access to the yarn stash charity currently has stored as her home. Please feel free to text her at 847-624-8432.

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Charity Knitting – July 2023 Update

Hello charity crafters!
We are in our quiet phase of the year. Not too much demand for woolen items when the heat index is over 110 every day.
It was wonderful to see the guild’s charity activities figure prominently at our table at the Fiber Art Fest. You all made that happen. While I was working the table there were great questions from festival goers about our charity presence in the greater Houston community.
The time has come to pass the Charity baton. Sarah’s and Marie’s two years are up. We have handed off control and the huge stock of charity yarn to Deanna and Julie. It has been a wonderful two years and we thank you all for your help supporting our local homeless and communities in need 
Happy knitting (or crocheting)!
Signing off,
Marie & Sarah

Charity Knitting – June 2023 Update

What a month May was!
There was a great Knitted Knockers charity event sponsored by the KNOW chapter late in April. Many knockers were created for the cause.
We also ran our silent auction for the 16 skeins of cashmere blend Chinese yarn. There was great participation. Our winner was Roxanne Rump with a bid of $50. Congratulations to Roxanne!! The proceeds go back to the guild to offset the cost of shipping our charity items to benefit Ukrainians.
Also at the KNOW-sponsored charity event, Julie Wheeler, who works with Project Linus, took donations for spare stash yarn to benefit the project. There is still quite a bit of yarn left; see the pictures on Facebook if anyone is interested.
Finally, we can report that we have received three full stashes of yarn from Houston knitters who have died. The charity suitcase is overfull and we cannot use anymore for the rest of the summer.
No charity knit-togethers planned while the weather is hot and sticky.
Happy knitting!
Sarah & Marie
Charity Co-Chairs

Charity Knitting – May 2023 Update

We received a small collection of Chinese yarns from the donation early in April. We’d like to auction the collection. Proceeds will go to KANG, offsetting money we have used to send boxes of charity items to Ukraine these past 12 months. Images of the yarn are posted on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.
Bidding will open on the 29th of April and close on 5th May. Winner will be notified by email and announced on Facebook, Instagram, and in our June newsletter.
If you want to bid, please submit your name and amount to the charity email account: with a subject line of “Silent Auction Bid“.
*Note: if you would like your name to remain anonymous on our social media sites, please indicate that in your bid email.
Happy Knitting (and crocheting)
Sarah Hartman & Marie Knappenberger 
Charity co-chairs

Charity Knitting – April 2023 Update

Hello Charity Knitters!
March has been a month of collecting for the charity committee. First, we were contacted by a person whose Houston-based relative passed away and left 3 large boxes of yarn and a pile of knitting, crochet, and rug making tools. The Charity yarn stock/suitcase has been refilled with some fabulous yarns; some skeins still in their wrappers. The tools are heading to a fiber art club at a local school!
At the knitting retreat, Sarah and Marie collected another 10-15 lbs of charity knit items. Our stock of completed items was very low, so this is much needed in the event that we get a call from an organization looking for handmade items. KIK chapter, do you want your fabulous IKEA bag back? 
The KNOW (Knitters Out West) Chapter will be sponsoring the next Charity event. They will be making Knitted Knockers. Come on out and work with the KNOW chapter to create knockers for breast cancer survivors. Approved knocker yarn is available but if you want to bring your own, check the website (link above and see the Charity section of the website). The Knitted Knockers organization is very particular about which yarn is used for knockers.
When: April 29th 1-4 PM 
Where: Spring Creek BBQ on I-10 and Westgreen
What to bring: your knitting tools and your appetite and a couple of bucks (if you want to come early or stay late and support our hosts, Spring Creek BBQ)
Charity silent auction:
We received a small collection of Chinese yarns from the donation earlier this month. We’d like to auction the collection. Proceeds will go to KANG offsetting money we have used to send boxes of charity items to the Ukraine these past 12 months. The yarn will be available for you to look at and touch at the Knitted Knocker event on the 29th; images will also be posted on our Facebook and Instagram accounts on the same date.  Bidding will Open 29 April and close 5 May.  Winner will be notified by email and announced on Facebook and Instagram; and in our May/June Newsletter.
If you want to bid, please submit your amount to the charity email account:
Please set the email subject to: “Silent Auction Bid”  
*Note: If you would like your name to remain anonymous on our social media sites, please indicate that in your bid email.
Happy Knitting (and CROCHET!)
Sarah Hartman & Marie Knappenberger
Charity Co-chairs

Charity Knitting – March 2023 Update

Our charity stock is actually running low, a good place to be at the end of the cold season here in Houston. Our Charity coordinators have been busy collecting completed items, delivering to the needy, and carting the charity yarn suitcase all over town.
In February we had a call from one of our previous KANG members, Rima Blanc, who contacted us through member Kate Wilson. Rima had identified a need for some baby items. We were able to deliver 3 blankets, 14 washcloths (cotton & soft for urps and bums) and 4 small hats to Rima’s charity quickly.
The suitcase traveled to/from the KNIT group for their Peyton Heart program on Valentine’s day. The suitcase of yarn made it back to charity coordinator, Sarah, for the charity knit-together event at No Label brewing on February 26. The knit-together event had beautiful weather and was well attended. Way to go!
There will be no charity knit-together in March as both coordinators will be attending the retreat. However, if you have charity items to submit, please hand those off to a KANG member who is attending the retreat to be collected in LaGrange by Sarah and Marie.  
Stay tuned for a charity Knit-Together in April.
Thanks for all your charity knitting! Keep up the warm work.
Marie & Sarah

Charity Knitting – February 2023 Update

Hello Charity Knitters!
We had a great turn out for our January Knit-Together at Karbach Brewery. We collected woolen objects for the Ukraine project. Those were sent off to the coordinators. All totaled, we collected 90 items for Ukraine; 85 hats (various sizes) and 5 cowls.  
Great work to those who managed to knit a quick hat. Kudos for Barbara Haas for finding that link for us. Hopefully everyone saw the pictures posted on Facebook and Instagram.
Our next charity knit-together will be at No Label Brewery in old Katy on Sunday 26 February from Noon to 3 PM.
NOTE: Some folks heard it was the 19th of February but it had to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. 
No Label Brewing
5351 1st St, Katy, TX 77493
26 February, 2023
Noon – 3 PM
It is winter, so same rules as last time apply.  If it is less than 55 degrees or raining; we will cancel. If it is above 55 degrees and not raining, we will be there; dress for the weather.
Is this your first-time coming out to a Knit-together? Wondering how you will find us and if you will know anyone? 
Here are some answers…
  • Sarah and Marie usually arrive about 10-15 minutes prior.
  • You will find us by the big Teal suitcase full of charity yarn. (We are usually the only people in the brewery with a suitcase)
  • We welcome knitters who are new to KANG or have not attended a Knit-together before.  
  • We are all a little shy and socially awkward in our own way, but you will find that conversation comes easy when we talk about our knitting projects.
  • You can come out to drop off completed work and pick up more yarn, only
  • You can drop off your completed work and sit and knit (or crochet, or needle point, or weave) with us for a bit
  • You don’t need to finish your project in 3 hours. Take it home, finish it, and show up at our next Knit-Together to drop it off!
What to bring?
  • Your tools (needles, hooks, markers, hoops, looms, etc).
  • (optional) a chair. Some folks don’t like sitting at the picnic tables. 
  • (optional) a pattern. We have a few patterns printed, but feel free to work whatever pattern you like.
What to make:
  • hats
  • gloves/mittens
  • scarves/cowls
  • Peyton hearts
  • Warm-up America squares
  • blankets
  • slippers
  • stuffed toys
  • socks
  • sweaters (especially baby and child, which are much faster to make)

Crafting Change for Ukraine

Deadline: 17th January 2023

for submissions to Crafting Change’s HQ — see details below for opportunities from our Charity Coordinators!

Project: Ukraine | Crafting Change

Greetings KANG guests and members!!
As you know, we had already set aside items intended for Ukraine. We have been presented with a new opportunity to help and support the efforts in Ukraine through this Crafting Change organization; however, there is a rapidly approaching deadline. 
If our community would like to create/donate more items:
1. Read the website carefully!!  
  • They do NOT take scarves, or shawls, but will take cowls. 
  • They will NOT take baby hats, but do take mittens and gloves. 
  • The request washable wool!  Do not send lightweight acrylic items. Recommended yarns found here
2. The website provides their preferred patterns for Ukraine which can be found here (includes knit, crochet, and sewn pattern options). 
3. To support this effort, KANG will be at Karbach Brewing Co on Saturday, January 7th from 12p – 1p to collect items.  
Address: 2032 Karbach St, Houston, TX 77092 
4. If you are not adding the size tags yourself, please ensure that your items are clearly separated by size when donating (this will save Sarah and Marie some work!). All items sent to Ukraine MUST have a tag, and Crafting Change is happy to tag items for us.
If you miss the 7 Jan deadline, you can send items separate from the bundle KANG will send (see website). They must arrive at their facility by 17th January 2023.
Thanks y’all!
Marie & Sarah
Charity Coordinators

Charity Knitting – December 2022 Update

What a great autumn we have had in charity knits!! We have collected so much over the summer months and almost all of it has been dropped with various charitable organizations.
Dr. Riha, who came by our October event has incorporated the items he collected into gift baskets for the VA outreach program.
We dropped off 4 full bags of items with a battered women’s shelter in early November.
After November’s knit-together event, we have 3 full bags of items to drop to Children’s Safe Harbours just in time for Christmas.
We had a smaller group of knitters (and crocheters) at our November event at Buffalo Bayou but we still had every chapter represented! Two lucky crafters won yarn bouquets at our door prize drawing. Lauren (our current president) and Dolores (previous charity organizer) happened to hit the jackpot on that one.
Even though we won’t hold a charity knit-together in December, keep crafting! Depending on weather we will plan an event for January, so keep an eye out on our website, social media, and December’s newsletter.
Don’t know what to make for charity? Here are some suggestions:
  • Child and baby sized hats (these are fast to make and the easiest to give away)
  • Baby sweaters, (faster to make than you think, especially premie sizes)
  • Blankets (lap blankets, full size, baby sized)
  • Shawls
  • Stuffed toys
  • Wash cloths (cotton)
  • Peyton Hearts (links to patterns on this page)
  • 7″x9″ or 9″x7″ squares made of acrylic yarn, any pattern, any color(s), knit or crochet for the WarmUpAmerica project
Suggested patterns can be found on our website under the charity section… Or make any pattern you prefer.