Crafting Change for Ukraine

Deadline: 17th January 2023

for submissions to Crafting Change’s HQ — see details below for opportunities from our Charity Coordinators!

Project: Ukraine | Crafting Change

Greetings KANG guests and members!!
As you know, we had already set aside items intended for Ukraine. We have been presented with a new opportunity to help and support the efforts in Ukraine through this Crafting Change organization; however, there is a rapidly approaching deadline. 
If our community would like to create/donate more items:
1. Read the website carefully!!  
  • They do NOT take scarves, or shawls, but will take cowls. 
  • They will NOT take baby hats, but do take mittens and gloves. 
  • The request washable wool!  Do not send lightweight acrylic items. Recommended yarns found here
2. The website provides their preferred patterns for Ukraine which can be found here (includes knit, crochet, and sewn pattern options). 
3. To support this effort, KANG will be at Karbach Brewing Co on Saturday, January 7th from 12p – 1p to collect items.  
Address: 2032 Karbach St, Houston, TX 77092 
4. If you are not adding the size tags yourself, please ensure that your items are clearly separated by size when donating (this will save Sarah and Marie some work!). All items sent to Ukraine MUST have a tag, and Crafting Change is happy to tag items for us.
If you miss the 7 Jan deadline, you can send items separate from the bundle KANG will send (see website). They must arrive at their facility by 17th January 2023.
Thanks y’all!
Marie & Sarah
Charity Coordinators