Charity Knitting – December 2022 Update

What a great autumn we have had in charity knits!! We have collected so much over the summer months and almost all of it has been dropped with various charitable organizations.
Dr. Riha, who came by our October event has incorporated the items he collected into gift baskets for the VA outreach program.
We dropped off 4 full bags of items with a battered women’s shelter in early November.
After November’s knit-together event, we have 3 full bags of items to drop to Children’s Safe Harbours just in time for Christmas.
We had a smaller group of knitters (and crocheters) at our November event at Buffalo Bayou but we still had every chapter represented! Two lucky crafters won yarn bouquets at our door prize drawing. Lauren (our current president) and Dolores (previous charity organizer) happened to hit the jackpot on that one.
Even though we won’t hold a charity knit-together in December, keep crafting! Depending on weather we will plan an event for January, so keep an eye out on our website, social media, and December’s newsletter.
Don’t know what to make for charity? Here are some suggestions:
  • Child and baby sized hats (these are fast to make and the easiest to give away)
  • Baby sweaters, (faster to make than you think, especially premie sizes)
  • Blankets (lap blankets, full size, baby sized)
  • Shawls
  • Stuffed toys
  • Wash cloths (cotton)
  • Peyton Hearts (links to patterns on this page)
  • 7″x9″ or 9″x7″ squares made of acrylic yarn, any pattern, any color(s), knit or crochet for the WarmUpAmerica project
Suggested patterns can be found on our website under the charity section… Or make any pattern you prefer.