From the President – Jul 2022

Happy 4th of July to all. Last year at this time we were up to our waders in water from one of the wettest Springs I can remember. Now we are begging for rain. The June heat was 95+ continuously. Oh, the joy of living in Texas. I did finally get my front yard landscaping replaced. I’m really pleased with the result. Very different from what it was. My bank account has not appreciated the lack of rain, let me tell you, what with trying to keep the new landscaping alive.
The terrible thing about all this hot, sticky weather is who wants to deal with wool. Looks like I need to pull out the skill of knitting with my yarn hanging over the side of my chair not touching again given our weather. 
As I looked back over prior newsletters, I’m always looking for inspiration, I realized that I still have not completed the charity Afghan I started for the folks in Louisiana last year. It sits next to my knitting chair in plain sight. No out of sight, out of mind excuses. Additionally, I talked about the dozen gorgeous, unique yarn bowls donated by Sony Hartley of Knitting Lagniappe. We are so blessed to have members like Sony. Many have been used as door prizes, yet we still have some left. What do you think, should I bring some out to the next charity event? We could award them to the folks that donate the most at that event? Or raffle them off?
As for me, I continue to work on the Feza Baby Gradient Blanket in their Baby Hand Dyed yarn in shades of green. I’m up to 22″ on size 3 needles, so that’s only 14″ to go. The Baby Shower is looming, it’s going to be close. Just last Wednesday I attended the weekly Knit at Night gathering at Yarn Store Boutique so I would focus on the blanket. I shared with the group I send WAY too much time popping bubbles and not knitting. (Popping bubbles is Priscilla code for playing on my iPad…). YSB knitters, look forward to seeing more of me as I rush to get this completed by July 16th. I really want to get this done for the shower. 
I’ve made no other progress on other yarn projects. Between home repairs and Guild business my focus has been elsewhere. As you’ve already read, we are desperately working to keep the Guild viable for the 2022-2023 year. Please, please help out in any way you can. 
Please keep each other and our tumultuous world in your prayers. Please remember, you are each a bright spot that spreads joy and hope with each stitch.  
That’s all for now, here’s wishing all a wonderful, wet July.  
Priscilla Graham
Executive Board President