From the President – Mar 2022

I don’t know about you, but my February went completely sideways compared to what I planned. First, that trip to Wimberley was called off because of the weather. Knitting, I don’t think so — absolutely no progress at all. I had big plans for the charity knit in, but nope, again called because of weather … The Primary early voting, plans to take it easy, vote, knit. Ended up working an early morning shift as an election clerk for two weeks in downtown Katy. Any of you who know me well, know I’m NOT a morning person. Worked the 6am to 1pm shift. Up at 4-ish AM, oh brother! Of course I met really nice workers and did my civic duty so it was totally worth it.  
With March, I do have a couple of things for your consideration. First, I ask you to vote in the Primaries on Tuesday, March 1st. As citizens of the US we have that right and freedom. Unfortunately so many of us don’t exercise that right. As of the end of early voting, less than 3% of Harris County had voted. Also, I ask that each of us takes time with our higher power to pray for peace in the Ukraine. Let this act of aggression not be the beginning of yet even more violence in the world. Lastly, please take a minute to thank your chapter President and officers. Each and everyone of them is why your chapter is still with us. Remember those that served in the past and let them know how much you appreciate them as well. I appreciate your patience with me and my thoughts. As I said, these suggestions are just for your consideration.
Your board met on Tuesday, February 15th. Things around the guild are doing really well. We are making real headway against the challenges we weathered because of COVID. Financially we are doing well. Many of our chapters are meeting in person and working through the challenges of hybrid live/Zoom meetings. Members have really stepped up, putting on programs, sharing our knowledge, donating door prizes, and just being there for each other. Our Charity Chairs are encouraging us to fill our big blue bags with items for others. I love the extra events they are putting together for us to come across chapters, raise a glass of micro brew and knit.  
When I began as your President almost 3 years ago it was my intention to attend at least three meetings a month. My home chapter (SoCK) and two others. Basically I was going to visit each chapter once a quarter. Boy did the COVID keep me from doing that. As we continue to heal from this terrible pandemic, it’s my goal to visit each chapter before I pass the reins. I’m so proud of how each of you has kept with it. You guys are the best. 
As I mentioned last month, I’ve still got 5 projects that I’m currently working on or, given February, dreaming of working on. Hopefully actual progress will be made in March. As I said last month, each has its own challenges. I still haven’t sewn together the Evening Lights Poncho. February REALLY did go sideways…
Think green this month, have a little corned beef and cabbage along with a little green beer and enjoy!
Priscilla Graham
Executive Board President