From the President – Oct 2022

Figure 1: "Crochet Halloween Decor" by Natalia Ruzanova

Ah, October…One of my favorite months!! To me, this month signals the start of all the holidays and festivities coming up. Now, I am certainly biased about October because it’s also my birthday month, RenFaire starts back up, and of course Halloween. I love all the birthday perks that last all month long, the decorations that start to appear, ALL the pumpkins everywhere, and the joy of the trick-or-treaters!

As I write this month’s article, I am cruising at an altitude of ~35,000 feet as I return from a week-long work conference in Denver (many thanks to our Newsletter Chair for her patience with my tardiness!!). Be assured that I have my needles in my lap and a neck light that is hopefully not bothering my neighbor too badly! Lately I have been steadily working on a for-me shawl called “Basics of Love” by Judit Horvath. I am using the recommended yarn: a pastel rainbow cake of cotton yarn that has 4 plies to it*. There is a panel of lace carried up one side and it slowly grows with a staggered eyelet lace on the other side. I still have a long way to go as I have only completed 6 of 25 repeats of a 12-row repeat section! I am thoroughly enjoying this project and will update you on my progress next month!

*Fun tip: For yarns with loose plies, place a bead on the working yarn to keep the plies from splitting as you work your pattern!

Reflecting on September, although I didn’t find myself at another fiber festival, I had the pleasure of attending and meeting some members of the chapters aside from my home chapter. Let me just say, the talents reflected in your projects and the passion you have for charity items warms my heart and is incredibly inspiring! Thanks to the presentation by Dolores in SoCK, I have so many ideas now for Christmas gifts (now to just get started). If you missed this, check out the program handouts on the website as it includes knit and crochet options!! Also, who knew that the KNIT chapter was just a short 20-min drive from my work office!? I took my notes on joining new yarns and will need to practice some of these techniques several more times before I have them mastered! KIND also welcomed me as I dropped in at the Bayland Community Center. Gloria’s program on color was quite insightful! It’s astounding how different—or the same—some colors appear when you consider them in a monotone comparison! Can’t wait to keep meeting each our KANG members and guests in all the chapters—if not at your chapter, perhaps at the Charity knit-it later this month!!


Lauren Levy
Executive Board President